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Operable wall servicing and repairs from Panel Logic
Our Services

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Panel Logic team members can repair any moveable wall or door of any design/manufacture. Our technicians have a large inventory of spare parts to suit all makes and models.

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Our range of services includes:

  • Specialists repairs to operable walls, doors, panels and partitions
  • Risk assessments provided and undertaken prior to commencement of any works
  • 7 day a week breakdown service
  • Supply of replacement winding handles, locks, keys and other spare parts
  • Repairs to cosmetic damage or complete resurfacing and renovating of panels in fabric, timber, wood veneers, carpet, glass and laminates
  • Consultation service in the design for relocation of operable wall systems
  • Removal of existing systems, adjustment of panel sizes as necessary and reinstallation of systems in new locations
  • We guarantee our work!

Proactive Maintenance Program
Panel Logic Proactive Maintenance Program

The purpose of this program is to establish a consistent routine of maintenance for your moveable walls, doors and partitions and provide emergency service.

Longer life and more reliable product performance and early detection of operational malfunctions are the objectives of our preventive maintenance program.

Most organisations are sensitive to maintenance costs and the need for reliability provided by all operating equipment. Through this program, you can reasonably expect to decrease the moveable wall operating problems and OH&S incidents. This can be accomplished by thorough periodic inspections combined with proper lubrication and adjustments.

To maximise the effectiveness of this program, a priority file will be established for your organisation. This file will contain the following data:

  1. A detailed plan will indicate the physical location of all your operable walls and doors, identified by a number already established by your organisation or assigned by our project management team. This will simplify communications when requesting repair services.
  2. Specific information will detail walls, doors and partitions by manufacturer, serial number, size and type. Similar important data in the file will allow prompt response of our team members with equipment with the appropriate range of spare parts to undertake the service.
  3. A detailed record of all inspections, results and actions taken will be given to you after each inspection and service and a copy put in the file.

This periodic maintenance program is not a guarantee against the failure of, or damage to moveable walls, doors and partitions but rather it is an important asset in the overall effective management of your premises. This program provides for routine inspections in accordance with agreed terms and conditions.

This program offers a conditional 3 month warranty on supplied products and parts as well a guarantee on all work undertaken for a period of 12 months from the time any maintenance is undertaken. Our guarantee is conditional on the understanding that it is the responsibility of your organisation to undertake regular housekeeping and to ensure that all staff and users are trained in the proper operation of moveable walls, doors and partitions.

Benefits of a Proactive Maintenance Program

Just like Motor vehicles, planned maintenance can extend the life of moveable walls and doors, prevent unexpected repairs, and reduce the possibility of OH&S issues.

By regularly checking operating walls and doors to ensure that they are functioning well and are structurally safe, there is a decrease in the chance of accidents. Preventive maintenance provides safe and useable equipment.

  • Increase the operational efficiency and reliability
  • Extend the useful life of moveable walls and partitions
  • Reduce the likelihood of malfunctions
  • Decrease the expense of long-term repairs
  • Priority scheduling for service
  • Establish a relationship with experienced, service oriented professionals 

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